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Google Meet Has a New Weapon to Compete with Zoom

Google Meet Has a New Weapon to Compete with Zoom

JAKARTA – The Zoom video conferencing application may have updated its security features. But now the application must be vigilant, because its competitors Google Meet also has a series of new features that are quite superior.

Google Meet has brought four of the most requested features to its platform using based technology artificial intelligence (AI). This development comes a few days after Google Duo also rolled out new features to its platform.

“These features use technology such as Google AI to improve the quality of meetings and user experiences,” said Director of Product Management, Smita Hashim, in a blog post.

Currently, Google’s application is also increasingly popular in the midst of a policy situation that requires people to work from home to break the chain of spreading COVID-19. But because Zoom is more able to accommodate video conferences with dozens of members, many people, especially in the United States (US), prefer to use Zoom as a means of communication.

However, Zoom has problems about its security features that are easy to break and the audio quality is not good. However, Google also took the initiative to steal the hearts of Zoom users by preparing a new, superior weapon. What are the four features that Google Meet brings? Following VOI summarize from Live Mint.

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1. View Participants in One Grid

Currently Google Meet will display 16 members simultaneously on one screen. Previously, the application only allowed four people on the screen during a video conference. Google claims, it will bring more updates for larger meetings, better presentation layouts and support on more smart devices.

2. Higher Video Quality

This Mountain View technology giant, USA has a way of improving the quality of video and audio during the conference. Namely, the Google Meet application will allow users to display full screen on one tab in Google Chrome with the feature “present a Chrome tab.”

3. Low Light Mode

This new feature, as the name suggests, will improve visibility in low light conditions. Since most homes or places are not equipped with sufficient lighting for good video quality, this new feature will light up dim videos. Currently, the feature is rolling out to mobile users only and Google has claimed it will be available to web users in the future.

4. AI Cancellation Noise

Not a few who experience noise when conducting video conferences, the presence of foreign voices can affect failure to focus during meetings. But don’t worry, now Google Meet has an AI Noise feature that will work actively during calls. Noise will be canceled for speaker and listener. Of course, Zoom doesn’t have this feature.

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JAKARTA – Zoom video conferencing application updates the security system and privacy protection in the application. This update comes with the Zoom update version 5.0, which has supported the encryption feature during the process teleconference take place. Launch The Verge , Zoom uses the ACM 256-bit GCM encryption standard. The system will increase data protection and resistance to interruptions that often occur during teleconference . Also read: How to Avoid Action Zoombombing in Online Meetings Zoom’s Big Homework to Solve Problems in the App Action Zoombombing Disturb Wantiknas’s Online Discussion Events Although not encryption end-to-end , however, Zoom claims this level of encryption will be easy to use for its service users. This system will be thoroughly active once Zoom users get software update . In fact, Zoom is indeed having a problem with protecting the personal data of its users. Especially since the page The Intercept revealed that Zoom’s security features are inac

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