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BM Cell Phones in Indonesia are Finally Dead Injected by the Government

BM Cell Phones in Indonesia are Finally Dead Injected by the Government


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Zoom Fixes Security Features Post Zoombombing Action

JAKARTA – Zoom video conferencing application updates the security system and privacy protection in the application. This update comes with the Zoom update version 5.0, which has supported the encryption feature during the process teleconference take place. Launch The Verge , Zoom uses the ACM 256-bit GCM encryption standard. The system will increase data protection and resistance to interruptions that often occur during teleconference . Also read: How to Avoid Action Zoombombing in Online Meetings Zoom’s Big Homework to Solve Problems in the App Action Zoombombing Disturb Wantiknas’s Online Discussion Events Although not encryption end-to-end , however, Zoom claims this level of encryption will be easy to use for its service users. This system will be thoroughly active once Zoom users get software update . In fact, Zoom is indeed having a problem with protecting the personal data of its users. Especially since the page The Intercept revealed that Zoom’s security features are inac

Waze Makes It Easy For Users to Drive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

JAKARTA – The Waze digital map application always complements its navigation features to make it easier for motorists, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In collaboration with its community network, Waze marks roads and areas affected by Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). Not only that, Waze also marked a referral hospital (RS) to help its users during the COVID-19 pandemic. Waze users can find it by typing in keywords like “COVID”, “covid”, “coronavirus”, “corona virus Or “corona hospital” in the address search field. Screenshot of Waze of hospital referral map (Aditya / VOI) “We will ensure drivers can drive as safely and efficiently as possible. This effort includes pinning important locations on the map, such as medical testing locations and the latest information on the restrictions on areas that are closed in certain areas and cities that are undergoing quarantine,” Waze wrote in a written statement. . To support this, the Waze Map Editor and the Waze Crisis Response t

Google Makes It Easy For People To Find Covid-19 Test Locations

JAKARTA – Google makes it easier for people to find locations for testing for the corona virus or COVID-19 at the closest hospitals to their homes. Features testing or this ‘test’ will work in 43 states, including Indonesia. When a user searches for something related to COVID-19, they will now see a “Testing” tab as part of the information displayed in Google’s COVID-19 SOS alert. When clicking or tapping the Testing tab, the user will see some information regarding the COVID-19 test at the top of the search results. This information includes a link to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) online COVID-19 symptom checker, advice on talking to a healthcare provider if you need a test or not, a link to a COVID-19 testing information from local health authorities and a note that users may need to call to the testing center first to make sure you can actually get the test. Capture Google screen when typing ‘COVID-19’ Known from The Verge , Monday April 20, this feature is one of the newes